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FHLB Cinncinnati Announces Affordable Housing Program Award for MVHO

FHLB Cincinnati announced a total of 31 members will receive nearly $25.0 million in AHP subsidy to help produce 1,999 units of affordable housing for very low- to moderate-income residents and four market-rate units. Of 51 project awards, 23 support owner-occupied housing and 28 support rental housing.

FHLB Cincinnati allocates 10 percent of its net income annually to the AHP, which makes housing more affordable for persons at or below 80 percent of the area median income. Subsidy is awarded to members through an annual AHP competitive offering.


General Franklin Ribbon-Cutting November 12, 2021

The November 12th ribbon-cutting at General Franking celebrated 5-years of planning, hard work, and coordination to achieve this milestone.
Thirty-eight MVHO tenants are calling this newly renovated historic building on the VA campus “home.”
Thank you to everyone who attended the event, including our special guest speakers: U.S. Congressman Michael Turner, Oberer Companies CEO George Oberer, Jr., Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice, OCCH VP Elizabeth Long, OHFA Dir. of Legislative Affairs Guy Ford, Dayton VA Medical Center Assoc. Director Dr. Jennifer DeFrancesco, FHLB Cincinnati First VP Public Affairs Melissa Dallas, Huntington Dayton Community President Scott MacDonald, MVHO Board of Trustees Chair Tracy Dudley, and our very own CEO Debbie Watts Robinson.

General Franklin Ribbon-Cutting Preview with Mayor Whaley

The ribbon-cutting at General Franklin is today! Mayor Nan Whaley had a preview tour of General Franklin on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. Mayor Whaley (c) was joined by Bob McCann from Oberer Companies (l), Willie Jones and CEO Debbie Watts Robinson from MVHO, and John Popelar (r) from Greater Dayton Construction Group.

Report: Dayton, county lacking housing units

Dayton and Montgomery County could use more than 20,000 new residential housing units in the next five years to help counter a shortage of affordable product that is contributing to overspending on housing and other issues, according to a housing needs assessment funded by a local nonprofit group.  Read more:

A Walk in the Park

Life’s not always a walk in the park unless you are with MVHO Peer Support Specialist Jeffrey!  His social engagement activities in nature are healthy stress relievers for the men living in MVHO permanent supportive housing. Jeffrey teaches that simply listening for the sounds of birds or the wind as it blows through the trees […]

It’s Working Out at MVHO!

MVHO case manager Stephen loves what he is doing, and we do too! When asked why he converted a big part of his small-ish office to a gym for the tenants, Stephen said he wanted to get the guys out of their apartments and give them something to do. There was funding available to purchase a basketball hoop for the parking lot but nothing more. With cold weather on the way, Stephen started wondering what he could do inside this MVHO permanent supportive housing site for eleven men. He wanted the men to be more active.  “I thought I’d use myself as an example.  I am losing weight by exercising, packing lunch, and eating healthier. I tell the guys that you can change things if you want to,” said Stephen.  “I brought in exercise equipment and a football from home, and my mom donated the exercise bike.”

Stephen in the gym he created for the tenants.

Stephen with Cicero

Bill, a tenant, said he likes talking to Stephen because he’s always available to help him with things like finding employment.  Bill was standing inside Stephen’s office with a beautiful blue-colored bird perched on his finger. Bill gently handed the bird to Stephen and offered his thanks for the experience. Stephen loves animals and history, and he brought Cicero, a Quaker Parrot, from home to show the tenants.  “I’m always trying new ideas to get the guys involved.”  Stephen’s next step is to install shelves in the hallway for a shared library for books and movies.

Stephen wants to upgrade and add to the current exercise equipment, but this is a part of his bigger plan to offer more tenant engagement opportunities. “I don’t want them to sit inside on the couch all day. I want them to have activities that improve their well-being and mental health. I want to take the guys to offsite activities, but I don’t have the means for transporting more than a couple of men at a time.” His plans for next spring include adding patio furniture and a raised garden to grow tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers. Bill said he is looking forward to helping with planting the vegetable garden, and he wants to add carrots, too!  Because of Stephen’s dedication as a case manager, the tenants have more options to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s working out at MVHO!

MVHO needs a passenger van to transport the tenants to activities.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate a van, exercise equipment, or make a monetary donation, contact Rebecca DeLong, 937-263-4449 ext. 415 or

Omega CDC and Miami Valley Meals Visit MVHO

MVHO is grateful for our newest community partnerships with Omega Community Development Corporation-CDC and Miami Valley Meals. MVHO tenants and homeless outreach clients are receiving delicious meals because of their combined efforts! Thank you to Bill and Ebony for their visit and tour today with CEO Debbie Watts Robinson.

MVHO CEO Debbie Watts Robinson with MVM CEO Bill Evans

(l to r) MVM CEO Bill Evans, MVHO CEO Debbie Watts Robinson, and Ebony Stroud from Omega CDC

MVHO Taught Me to Live Again – Veronica’s Story

I was living place to place and then with a girlfriend until she passed away.  Drugs were my friends.  Until then, I wasn’t ready or willing to change. It was 2008, and I was staying at the shelter on Apple St. It was then that I got to know Tammy* from MVHO. Tammy said I could move to MVHO housing on the VA campus into a unit for two females. I said I couldn’t because my boyfriend didn’t want me to move into housing where he couldn’t live with me. Tammy said he is not your friend if he stands between you and housing. I needed that harsh, brutal honesty. Before this, I had no one to talk to, never had a place to myself.  Tammy and MVHO gave me a chance.  After I heard Tammy, I had hope.  I prayed to the Lord that if He helped me stay clean from drugs for three days I would make it.  And I have.  It was a process. I have stayed clean from drugs since October 7, 2008. But, MVHO made it simple because I got so much support. My two daughters were there for the lease signing. That was important to me.

After I moved into housing, I started watching my grandson when he was six months old while my daughter worked.  He was my helper. I got to love on him, and he kept me balanced. My second and third grandsons became a part of my life, and they kept me grounded.  In 2017, due to family circumstances, I had legal custody of three grandsons.  MVHO was there for me again, and they moved me into a house.  All of us have beds, a roof over our heads, and food. It was simply the act of God.

I love MVHO. I came back to life because they touched my soul. I have been with MVHO for such a long time. Tammy helped me. Now, Charles (MVHO Tenant Services Specialist) helps me. MVHO is renovating my home, and my grandsons are doing well.  MVHO taught me to live again!

*Sadly, Tammy Ackerman passed away in 2019.

Veronica with MVHO Tenant Services Specialist Charles

National Park Service’s African American Civil Rights Grant Awarded for The Opportunity Center

MVHO receives funding for The Opportunity Center from the National Park Service’s African American Civil Rights Grant Program! Check out the WDTN interview with CEO Debbie Watts Robinson.…/500k-in-grants-awarded-to-2…/
The grants help preserve sites and history related to the African American struggle for equality.…/07-27-21-nps-awards-15-million-to…

MVHO Tenant Shout Out and Staff Spotlight

A big thank you to MVHO tenant Harlan and staff member Brad for all their hard work! MVHO provides personal hygiene and household cleaning kits to tenants thanks to the generosity of donors to the 30th Anniversary Campaign. Harlan (l) and Brad (r) are quick to help with this massive project by moving boxes, organizing supplies, and building shelves. Thanks, guys!