MVHO Taught Me to Live Again – Veronica’s Story

I was living place to place and then with a girlfriend until she passed away.  Drugs were my friends.  Until then, I wasn’t ready or willing to change. It was 2008, and I was staying at the shelter on Apple St. It was then that I got to know Tammy* from MVHO. Tammy said I could move to MVHO housing on the VA campus into a unit for two females. I said I couldn’t because my boyfriend didn’t want me to move into housing where he couldn’t live with me. Tammy said he is not your friend if he stands between you and housing. I needed that harsh, brutal honesty. Before this, I had no one to talk to, never had a place to myself.  Tammy and MVHO gave me a chance.  After I heard Tammy, I had hope.  I prayed to the Lord that if He helped me stay clean from drugs for three days I would make it.  And I have.  It was a process. I have stayed clean from drugs since October 7, 2008. But, MVHO made it simple because I got so much support. My two daughters were there for the lease signing. That was important to me.

After I moved into housing, I started watching my grandson when he was six months old while my daughter worked.  He was my helper. I got to love on him, and he kept me balanced. My second and third grandsons became a part of my life, and they kept me grounded.  In 2017, due to family circumstances, I had legal custody of three grandsons.  MVHO was there for me again, and they moved me into a house.  All of us have beds, a roof over our heads, and food. It was simply the act of God.

I love MVHO. I came back to life because they touched my soul. I have been with MVHO for such a long time. Tammy helped me. Now, Charles (MVHO Tenant Services Specialist) helps me. MVHO is renovating my home, and my grandsons are doing well.  MVHO taught me to live again!

*Sadly, Tammy Ackerman passed away in 2019.

Veronica with MVHO Tenant Services Specialist Charles