MVHO Outreach Spotlight

Our community is a better place because of the MVHO outreach team!

Heather Wilson, MVHO Program Services Director of PATH, Streetlink, and SLATE, reported these programs are the busiest they have ever been! Their combined efforts can save the lives of persons living on the streets with severe mental illnesses or a dual diagnosis with addiction issues.

Andy, PATH Outreach Specialist, said they have a passion for helping folks who have burned all their bridges. No matter the weather, you will find Andy, Sierra, and Kimo out on the streets or in places not fit for human habitation. Meeting the clients where they are means the PATH team has a better chance of connecting them to resources to move them from street homeless to a home. Amy assists the PATH team by taking essentials to the clients, including sleeping bags, blankets, food, and coats. Amy also attends outreach clients at Project Clean, the mobile shower and laundry operated by MVHO.

The Streetlink program offers the resources to connect persons who overdose to treatment. TJ said he is always ready to help anyone wanting to enter treatment. The client referrals may come from the homeless shelters, PATH, or other community providers.

Olivia explained that SLATE is a 9-month program for chronically homeless clients once they are in housing. The clients have high barriers with severe mental illness. Many of them have several evictions on their records. Olivia said the intensive case management she provides through this program helps improve housing stability. She also acts as the liaison between the tenant and landlord.

“I am proud of the work we do!” said Heather.