Beyond the Walls

Penney Kramer, MVHO Reentry Program Director, believes hope is the strongest, most freeing gift you can give someone. For three years, Penney has worked tirelessly to create, develop, and build the processes and procedures for a new program, Beyond the Walls, to provide housing resources to individuals with mental health who are being released homeless from the Montgomery County jail. “Beyond the Walls is something I’m quite proud of and it has a lot of potential for growth. This vision can truly reduce homelessness by offering needed housing and support! The program name has a special meaning for me. I believe no one should ever feel worthless or undeserving just because they were once bound by four walls,” said Penney. MVHO is proud to have Penney on our team! We also want to thank the ADAMHS Board for Montgomery County for funding the program and Jill Bucaro and Alyssa Yates with the Montgomery County Public Defender’s office for the collaboration!