Change is Good!

LeRoy sighed relief when MVHO property manager DeLisa Herring gave him the keys to his apartment. He was homeless, and the eviction on his record made him ineligible for some housing options. MVHO gave him an opportunity, and LeRoy said he could not have found a better place to live.

At 76 years old, LeRoy talked about life’s challenges. He said he prayed for strength to overcome the drug problem that led to incarceration and homelessness upon release. He spent three and a half weeks in the ICU because of a COVID infection that resulted in a brush with death and lingering respiratory problems.

Drug-free and stably housed, LeRoy was philosophical about the turn of events. He said change is good and that he spends his time on simple pleasures, church, and relaxing at home. He appreciates where he is now, and DeLisa said he is a model tenant.