William’s Success!

At age 55, William is excited about being able to file a tax return for the very first time! This new chapter in his life began after his release from prison in 2021. Denied housing due to his criminal background, the Community Transition Program (CTP) offered the support he needed. MVHO Reentry Program Director Penney and Case Managers Sherrita and Darren assisted him with CTP services, including locating his housing.

William was overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to participate in CTP because it gave him a glimpse of what he could achieve. Before his incarceration, he sold drugs, but now he never wants to go back to that life. Obtaining employment has given him a sense of peace and self-respect.

“This is just the beginning. I look forward to going to work every day, no matter how tired I am. For my remaining time, I want to have a good life. I want to purchase a home. I want to be there for my grandchildren. Tell Ms. Penney she saved my life!”

More about MVHO Reentry programs https://mvho.org/programs/rental-assistance/re-entry/